Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in 2013!

Okay, so here’s the story.

AC/DC has been a particularly thematic band for me in 2013. I’ve heard them playing on the radio at weirdly serendipitous times  starting solidly with For Those About to Rock 3 days in a row upon starting my car in January and ending mightily now with some Dirty Deeds that I heard driving home late at night recently and cracked up when the DJ on KSHE clarified what the song title was and suddenly the whole thing made sense. I was inspired. Then as I was giggling to myself I pretty much immediately thought of one of the “dirtiest” deeds I have to do regularly which is clean the litter box and somehow or another that led to “That’s gnarly…I bet other people think that’s gnarly too…what if I did that for other people…?” and then I was like “I will build a website of litter boxes!”

I don’t really want to know what Freud may think of my cognitive patterns, here.

Now, this is not saying I’m just like, desperately wanting to go clean everyone’s litter boxes or something, but because 2013 has been rad to me I really want to pay it forward by doing some dirty deeds to help you out on ONE DAY ONLY at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!

Got a chore you hate to do? An errand you hate to run? People, places or things that are gumming up your power, productivity and passion this holiday season or something that you just NEED to get taken care of before you turn your brain off for a while around Christmas?

For just $20 on 12/20, let me do it for you!

  • Invoices need filed?
  • Litter box need cleaned?
  • Got a package to get to the post office?
  • Office toilet turning a strange color?
  • Need a kid picked up from practice?
  • Have a horrible employee from former planet Pluto that smells like old hot dogs you’ve been meaning to fire?
  • Is that a small tree growing from within that pile of unwashed dishes…?

What’s a (legal! sane!) dirty deed you’d like done for $20? From homes to offices, personal to business deeds, I’m just looking for ways to be helpful this holiday season! I would even go to the DMV for you on this day if I could.


I won’t just be giving to y’all. To keep my litter box theme going (and because I’m one deluxe cat castle away from being a “Crazy Cat Lady” myself) I will also be using half of all my earnings to help my friends at Tenth Life Cat Rescue with resources they need from their Wishlist because I just love them and the work they do across St. Louis helping cats and kittens, prioritizing those with special needs. I aim to deliver the goods to their adorable storefront shelter on Cherokee the day after my deeds are complete!

AND ALSO, this page would not be complete without lavishing endless praise on the brilliant Michelle Volansky for lending me her amazing talent and making the graphics you are seeing across this site! She’s an excellent designer and custom illustrator and you should definitely check out her work and then hire her immediately.

She drew this incredibly beautiful litter box full of giggles and happiness for me >>>


Want to book a deed? Head on over to the contact page and shoot me a message!

My goal is at least 13 deeds in honor of 2013 but I will happily go over that if time allows. Depending on travel needs in relationship to how huge the St. Louis area is, I will be trying to map my deeds together in the most efficient way possible to try do do as much as I can in each neighborhood/area I need to visit. All deeds must be booked by 5pm on Wednesday, December 18th so that I can finalize my schedule on Thursday, December 19th & get on with the shenanigans on the 20th! Payment can be submitted via PayPal or by check or cash, whichever method is preferred by the deed-requester and will be finalized in our booking communication.

If you wouldn’t prefer to have a deed done dirt cheap but would still like to donate to Tenth Life Cats, you may do so on their website as well!

I’ll finalize and post my DIRTY AGENDA on Thursday, December 19th and until then I’ll be updating this blog daily with scheduling developments and other craziness that may come up so keep checking back to see what’s going on!

Thanks for reading and I hope we get to have some fun together and share some love this season 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in 2013!

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