Dirty Deeds Gear

Yesterday I got serious by ordering some gear for my Deed Day! I will be making  a highlight video of the whole rigamarole and since I will already be doing so much day-of I wanted a VERY convenient way to film it. It will be a little like being my own entire reality show for a day–cast AND crew.

And hopefully I have a cuter crying face thank Kim Kardashian because we may just see that, too…

Anyway, I settled on using my iPhone to film because I will be moving fairly rapidly from one deed to the next and would waste a lot of time tangling with my DSLR at every stop. Using just a smartphone though can get a little Blair Witch Project so I wanted more than just the jiggly-handheld thing but that I could still do on my own.

Damn you, GoPro cameras & all your neat-o gear!

GoPro offers so many rigs and harnesses and wrappy-things for strapping their cameras all over your body while you kayak over waterfalls and stuff but there just aren’t many solutions for being able to strap your smartphone to you while you do stuff like…you know, park cars and clean desks. I love GoPro cameras & considered just getting one of those but they have wide-angle lenses on them which would be its own kind of disorienting for this project.

I also don’t need a super jet-engine-titanium-reinforced case with a bulletproof, weight-bearing adamantium harness for this or whatever which is basically what I was finding for my iPhone.


Is it really that complicated? Are there really so few others that have had this burning desire?!

After wasting more time derping around on Amazon I decided to just kinda hodge-podge my own solution. I bought all this nonsense below–headgear, a rappelling chest harness and a simple swiveling belt clip–to see what I can come up with.

Clearly I’m going to be adorable on December 20th, all wrapped up like some nerdy spelunker with a Swiffer duster, dish rags and someone’s lunch delivery!

Want to get in on the fun? Book a deed for yourself or as a gift for someone else on the contact page!


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