Rough Cut of Dirty Deeds List – Filling Up Fast!

WOW you guys, with more than a week to go still I’m pretty much achieved first goal!! My STRETCH goal though is 20 deeds booked so lets see if we can get 8 more in here, eh?? Here’s the rough cut of my GIGANTIC St. Louis circuit schedule and the deeds to be did:

Starting around 8:30a (this time may be a bit luxurious for an epic 20-deed day but we shall see!):

  1. Michelle – (O’Fallon, IL/Brentwood) – item picked up in O’Fallon, IL & delivered to Brentwood
  2. Lisa – (Downtown) – Desk cleaned
  3. Lindsay – (REMOTE) – Window seat near front of plane reserved, 10:30am
  4. Daniel – (South City) – Lunch delivered
  5. Danielle – (Soulard) – Vacuum stairs
  6. (Brentwood – deliver Michelle’s item)
  7. Rease – (U-City) – Dishes cleaned
  8. Gary – (Ballwin) – PEND
  9. Alvin (St. Charles) – Basement spot cleaned
  10. Marcy – (St. Charles) – On call for forgotten groceries, 8-8:30pm
  11. Holly  – Pending
  12. Greg – Pending

This is AWESOME you guys!! Everyone has totally understood this idea so far and I’m loving the crazy scope of deeds I already have lined up!

Remember, deeds are just $20 each and HALF of all proceeds will be going to benefit Tenth Life Cat Rescue right here in St. Louis!

What kind of shenanigans can you think up? Get at me on the contact page and get yo’self on this list!!


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