Dirty Deeds Circuit & Weird Video Head Gear?

Want to see my terribly Photoshopped driving circuit for tomorrow? Google Maps wouldn’t let me add over like 10 locations so I had to set up a second route and I took it upon myself to edit the 2 together very badly using pretty much just the eraser and blur tools so you could see the glory:

Dirty Deeds Route

And that’s not all the glory. There’s also going to be headgear:

ALL RIGHT, that’s all the nonsense I have left in me for tonight, folks. I have this cough that snuck up on me this afternoon so I’m going to take a bunch of Nyquil and Mucinex or something because tomorrow’s the big day and ain’t nobody got time for that. I’ll see you sporadically online so sleep well  and don’t think about evil clowns in your closet!


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