Anyone Get the Plates of The Truck That Hit Me…?


Such cough.

So sickness.

Very gross.


I still can’t believe the timing on this one, you guys. Friday morning I wake up, take a shower in a haze, and rapidly disintegrate into a quivering, coughing puddle of ooze that knows neither form nor function. After fumbling through a revised itinerary and sending it off, after an hour I realize that I wouldn’t be traveling anywhere that day.

Or the next day.

Or the next.

Well, actually, I did venture out like a zombie Sunday afternoon to go into St. Louis County and get some high-quality pseudoephedrine to put the big guns on my postnasal drip.

But even today I am still not okay, just heavily medicated enough to be standing upright, have some breaks between my coughs and complete only one highly-specific task at a time…nothing abstract today you guys. No creative thinking. No real cognition at all, just a conveyor belt of tasks PLS KTHX.

I haven’t gotten sick like this in years and it decided to sneak up on me on the ONE epic day I’d planned to do a whole bunch of crazy stuff by myself.

Of course.

There WILL be a rescheduling though, but exactly when is still being explored. Upper-respiratory situations like this tend to take a little while to really clear up so I’m just feeling out what comes next.

My apologizes go out to all a y’all who were affected by this disruption but also with my sincerest thanks for your patience. We’ll get through this & have some fun you guys, thanks for sticking with me!


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