New Year, New Deed Day Scheduled

So I haven’t blogged and the Dirty Deeds trail kinda dropped off and ran cold, I know, I know.

But this has been me for like, a week now:

Jake the Dog Sick

This cold thing is taking no prisoners and from what I’m hearing, I’m not at all alone in the destruction and terror that the cold/flu season is now raining down on St. Louis as a whole…for any of y’all that have also been hit by this thing…

Keep at the Mucinex, Thereflu and whining and we’ll get through this TOGETHER. /coughwheeze

As a result of DEATHCOLD I wasn’t up to snuff to complete the Deed circuit this weekend BUT I feel confident going on record for NEXT weekend!

The new Dirty Deed Day is now Friday, January 3rd and the delivery of the kitty goodies to Tenth Life Cat Rescue will be Saturday, January 4th.

Now, I started this thing with an idea of ‘oh, things get really busy just before Christmas so let’s help with Christmas-y kind of errands!” but NOW we are transitioning into something else…2014! As I’m working through re-booking my Deeds some of them have morphed and expanded into things that will help folks transition into the new year as well as just some ridiculous new fun like making a video of me dancing a fool to entertain a teething toddler (which I may be looking forward to more than I should, the result will probably be more TERRIFYING than entertaining…)

Liz Lemon Dance Club

I may end up with a few holes in my new Deed schedule so keep an eye on the blog here for potential openings if you have some crazy task, errand or chore you’d rather have done FOR you next week! If you’re interested, have some ideas or just have something snarky to say, shoot me a message on the contact page.


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