Dirty Deed List: REMIX

Okay, so a few folks now have non-location-specific deeds as well as a lack of availability THIS particular Friday so we are getting creative together and starting to color outside the lines a little! Some of these deeds will be done at different times but alas, they will be done and they all have a special place in the Dirty Deeds Day circuit, philosophically!


We still have a ROBUST list of folks on the Friday circuit though so don’t you worry, I’ll be posting that schedule again later this week!

Here is the remix of my new Dirty Deeds list:

  • Pick up & deliver a wireless hotspot (possibly, this one may work itself out before then, we’ll see!)
  • Pet a bug-eyed kitten
  • Deliver the APORKALYPSE(S, it’s actually plural, now!)
  • Introduce a typing tutor
  • Manage some minimal social media work to cover for manager out of country
  • Be an on-call grocery courier
  • Make a 30-second video of me dancing to entertain her teething toddler
  • Read a transcript
  • Clean a desk, a litter box, dishes, grout, windows, stairs, a limo and a chopper motorcycle

I think petting the bug-eyed kitten is definitely going to be the most difficult of all of these. As well as being the harbinger of the END OF DAYS with bacon. I just don’t know, you guys.

Anyway, since we’re getting creative and not specifically bound to Friday anymore, does anyone else have a non-linear Dirty Deed they would like to have did this week?

  • Need me to pop in and vacuum something or tidy up some dishes before you leave the country?
  • Need an emergency video of something ridiculous produced to make your life easier?
  • Need someone prank called or otherwise embarrassed with a singing telegram or something?

Shoot me a message on the contact page and let’s see what’s up!


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