Tidy Cats Is Amazing and I Love Them!


I want to give a HUGE THANKS to Tidy Cats for their something rad they did for us that I’m not going to reveal yet exactly but I am just so excited and I wanted to share! I mean, it’s probably not super mind-bending to think about…what a cat litter brand is doing in relationship to a cat shelter fundraiser I’m doing but…hold on to your butt, man! Let’s make this all suspenseful & fun!

This is someone else’s photo. I just loved it. It’s linked to its source!

I’ll be taking pictures & shooting some video of just what’s up wit dat on Saturday when we deliver to Tenth Life so you can check out my Twitter and Instagram to see!

ALSO I’m still in the zone for 1-2 more Dirty Deeds if you have something useful or silly you’d like to have me do on Friday or the surrounding days! Shoot me a message on the Contact page to get on the schedule!


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