A Few Loveable, Local Dirty Deeds Sponsors

Tomorrow is the big day! …again! But I’m feeling much better and really excited to do the circuit tomorrow, I’ll be sorting that out and posting it here later tonight.

But before things get too cray cray, I wanted to take a moment this morning to call out some of the great St. Louis-based businesses & groups that I will be working with or that have contributed to the cause!

  • Creature Type is Michelle, the amazing artist that donated her time to design the great kitty graphics you see on this site! I couldn’t love her work more and I have some big plans to contract her for ongoing art. I just can’t stress enough how much great art can pull your brand or idea together. If you want some custom design work or illustration done, get at this girl ASAP!
  • Benton Park Prints highlights the work of Dan who is a freelance web & print designer that works out of the Benton Park neighborhood! He offers both his original works as well as custom work so if you need a rad designer or want to buy some rad original work prints, check this dude out!
  • Pounds Media is sort of my spirit animal for video, they’re great at what they do both commercially and with weddings & events through their sister company Lovebird Studios AND they’ve been so kind as to teach me some of the ropes of being pretty gangster with pro DSLR video production! I couldn’t be more grateful for having these folks around.
  • RedKey Realty is a unique sort of real estate agency in the St. Louis area because for basically the first time ever I’ve found a group of agents that don’t freak me out! This may sound silly but it’s true, they really shook me up and pushed me out of bad stereotypes by introducing me to professional, talented and FUN agents who were scouted specifically by the agency owner, Jill, for their fit with her company’s culture and their abilities to do great work. If you are buying or selling a home, get at RedKey and you may get to ride in their private limo like the VIP you are!
  • Black Dress Partners is a consulting firm headed up by Erin, my mentor and friend of many years, now. I had the privilege of interviewing several of Erin’s clients a year or so back and they each had their own amazing stories of how she & her team have revolutionized their business & procedures through her coaching & organization techniques. She’s a powerful woman and I am also very grateful for all the growth she has cultivated in me in recent years!
  • Silver Wraith Choppers is the brainchild of Gary, a talented designer and builder who constructs his custom chopper motorcycles from the ground up. He’s one of the best people I’ve met and in his industry he HANGS with some of the best people I’ve met and he builds these beautiful works of art that make me really want to be a badass when I grow up. Are you already a badass in need of a unique bike that NO ONE else will have?
  • Connections to Success is an awesome organization that helps people who have come into really hard times get back on their feet again in a sustainable way. I was recently introduced to Marcy there and we hit it off immediately, she is such a smart lady with a powerful spirit I could really feel. This group is in the non-profit business of literally changing lives and has a presence in St. Charles, St. Louis and Kansas City, MO. Check them out RIGHT MEOW.
  • Vantage Credit Union is a group that will forever be near and dear to my heart. As some of you may know I have been a member of this credit union for over a decade now and I was EMPLOYED by them for almost 2 years, first as their Young & Free St. Louis Spokester and then as their corporate Social Media Specialist. We had a lot of fun and this financial institution has done a LOT to help me clean up and change my life and the lives of others I know when it comes to making, storing and managing our money. Are you fed up with your stupid bank treating you badly? Break up with them and try the completely-St. Louis-based alternative that is VCU!

WHEW that was a lot of love to share! Are you familiar with any of these groups or in need of the services they provide? Tell me about it in a comment and stay tuned to learn more about each of them as I complete my Dirty Deeds journey!


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