Dirty Deed Day 2.0 Map & Schedule

Dirty Deeds St. Louis Route

(9:15) The Soundbox – St. Charles – Social media project (9:45)
(Drive: 15 minutes)
(10:00) Vantage Credit Union – Bridgeton – Rap while wrapping up a project (10:45)
(Drive: 25 minutes)
(11:15) Purina – Downtown – Desk cleaned (11:35)
(11:45) Downtown – pick up books to return & package to have mailed (11:00)
(Drive 10 minutes)
(12:15) Pounds Media – Cherokee – Wash windows (12:35)
(Drive: 5 minutes)
(12:45) Blues City Deli – Pick up lunches
(Drive: 15 minutes)
(1:00) Benton Park Prints – Benton Park – Lunch delivered (1:10)
(Drive: 5 minutes)
(1:15) South City – Pet Chryssi, Tenth Life’s adorable bug-eyed kitten & scoop litter (1:40)
(Drive: 5 minutes)
(1:50) CWE – Clean grout on shower  floor (2:20)
(Drive: 20 minutes)
(2:40) RedKey Realty – Frontenac – Clean up limo (3:00)
(3:30) Return books (3:45)
(Drive: 20 minutes)
(3:50) St. Charles – Mail package (4:00)
(Evening) St. Charles – On-call grocery run

COMPLETION! Diminish, go into the west and remain Galadriel!

Still waiting on a couple of things to finalize but anything that shifts at this point will basically just shift to another day, I’ve been flexing with the folks who were not able to reschedule for this particular Friday. I’m excited to do the circuit though and visit Tenth Life for the first time on Saturday while I finish gathering up all the little bits of video that are going into this! I have some fun goodies to share that I’ve already purchased and I think the things we got will be a big help.

Thanks again to all of you who have been interested in this, followed along and contributed to the event & cause, I appreciate it all so very much and hope to share with you the fun fruits of our labors very soon! Stay tuned!


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