Riverfront Times Story & Some Dirty (Deeds) Photos!

BLERG. What a few days this has been for my little escapade and St. Louis as a whole… I’m SO glad I was able to sneak in Dirty Deeds Day 2.0 RIGHT before this like, actual SNOWPOCALYPSE converged on our quiet little midwestern town…

It didn’t mess around, we got like a foot of snow yesterday and then our temps dropped into the negatives with a wind chill was was like HOLY SH*T negative…I still can’t really see our cars in the driveway…

Anyway, though snowed in today I got some news to share right as I was about to start chewing off my own legs from stir-craziness…Dirty Deeds got a bit of a writeup in the Riverfront Times! Journalist Danny Wicentowski (we’ll just call him DANNY CONSONANTS) writes:

“The deeds described in AC/DC’s 1976 single “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” are of a particular kind of dirty. That is, of the concrete shoes and cyanide variety.

But for Jenn Cloud the song took on a new meaning during a late-night listening session a couple weeks before Christmas. Inspired, Cloud decided to offer to do dirty deeds — clean litter boxes, deliver packages, return library books, etc. — to raise money for Tenth Life Cat Rescue.”

DANNY CONSONANTS found me making a ruckus on Twitter about this thing and had the bright idea to ask if he could tag along for a few of my deeds. It turns out it was really great to have company for a bit, someone to talk to and take my mind off of the rote logistics of the project. I think we kinda helped each other that day.

Then we lit some incense and sang some reggae songs about love together.

No really, it was fun though and I’m so excited to have this story shared by him, please go check it out here!

And amidst the flurry of video I was shooting Friday between my camcorder and my iPhone–almost 200 clips and I’m not even fully finished, yet–I did also manage to take some pictures and so did some of the rad folks I met up with! Observe:

Jenn Cloud Dirty Deeds Headcam iPhone 5s

My amazing POV video headgear for my iPhone! Thanks to Lisa for this still I grabbed from her Instagram video.

BONUS! Here’s Lisa’s short video of me demonstrating the setup of said amazing POV video headgear on Instagram:

About to clean some windows at Pounds Media on Cherokee! Thanks to Jered for this photo.

BEHOLD, THE APORKALYPSE. This is a legendary sandwich from Blues City Deli that I delivered to Benton Park Prints!

Uhm. And Benton Park Prints also had LILLY, the chillest Golden Retriever puppy ever!

And then I got to meet the famous Chryssi the bug-eyed kitten taken in by Tenth Life Cat Rescue!

Isn’t she the freaking cutest little thing?!

So that’s a glimpse of what went down on Dirty Deeds Day, you can see a few more pictures on my Instagram. Also, make sure you check back for the full video this weekend! I can’t wait to get that thing all pieced together, it was a huge experiment in one-(wo)man event videography and we’ll see just how Blair Witch Project it actually ends up. Get your 3-D glasses and a barf bag, it’s going to get cray!


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