Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap Final Stats

Well after a bit of a hiatus here I figured it was probably time to post some final stats! Here’s the rundown on the first annual Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap St. Louis circuit:

Items provided to Tenth Life Cat Rescue:

  • 10 bags of cat litter graciously provided by Tidy Cats
  • 1 Snuggle Kitties Behavioral Aid + Snuggle Toy
  • 120 cans of cat food
  • Poster donation pack from Benton Park Prints

This event was a lot of fun even though a lot of things had to be juggled after I got very sick on the day the Deed circuit was initially scheduled. I learned a ton of things about people, events, holidays, winter, video production and bug-eyed kitties during all of this but I am PSYCHED to apply it all to do it even bigger and better around Christmas of THIS year so stay tuned!!

Here are some photos I snapped of the delivery day at Tenth Life (where some of our kitty friends were having an adorably sneezy day though we felt so bad because we knew it meant they weren’t feeling so well. We made sure to hold and snuggle as many of them as we could!):

Thanks to everyone who supported this nonsense and to Tenth Life for doing such amazing kitty-saving work that I got to help out with, I love you all and hope to see you all come ’round again in December & bring some friends! 🙂


Dirty Deeds Special Music Video

Some deeds just couldn’t be contained to one day…

Thanks to Chris & Courtney for their unique Deeds, I had a lot of fun reading a book transcript and dancing a fool!

Thanks also to my husband Cloud for the “Reimer reason” CSI one-liner idea!

Also, rad businesses with ridiculous Deed ideas contained herein include:

Vantage Credit Union http://vcu.com
Young & Free St. Louis http://youngfreestlouis.com

Featured music:
So Fresh & So Clean by Outkast
Pancakes & Syrup by Biz Markie
CSI Miami YEAAAAH by The Who: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YMPAH67f4o
Most Interesting Man In The World Instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIio9xEmUUE

Thank you all so much, this was nuts!!

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in St. Louis by Jenn Cloud


And this is only 1 of 2, I have another one coming later today!!

This is the recap of the actual Dirty Deeds Day I spent driving all over St. Louis and I had a few miscellaneous Deeds that I have broken off into their own special little (music…) video series so stay tuned for that!

Dirty Deeds Day was shot entirely on my Canon Vixia camcorder and iPhone 5S, no color correction or extensive editing due to time constraints but I was really blown away by the quality of video my iPhone shot, I will definitely be shooting with it way more now. It’s almost like I’ve been trying to work up some concepts so I could write more consistently for a blog about smartphone video or something…

Anyway, PLEASE WATCH the video and let me know what you think! And thanks SO MUCH to all who participated in this, helped me spread the word or otherwise shared some love, this was a lot of fun and I really appreciate the support from you guys. Let’s do something nutty again real soon!

Also, again, of course, much love to:

RedKey Realty Leaders http://redkeystlouis.com
Pounds Media http://pounds-media.com
Benton Park Prints http://bentonparkprints.com
Beggin’ http://beggin.com
Tidy Cats: http://tidycats.com
Tenth Life Cat Rescue http://tenthlifecats.org
Creaturetype: http://creaturetype.com

AND credits for the song: Graves by The Color and Sound
Permissions: CC

Riverfront Times Story & Some Dirty (Deeds) Photos!

BLERG. What a few days this has been for my little escapade and St. Louis as a whole… I’m SO glad I was able to sneak in Dirty Deeds Day 2.0 RIGHT before this like, actual SNOWPOCALYPSE converged on our quiet little midwestern town…

It didn’t mess around, we got like a foot of snow yesterday and then our temps dropped into the negatives with a wind chill was was like HOLY SH*T negative…I still can’t really see our cars in the driveway…

Anyway, though snowed in today I got some news to share right as I was about to start chewing off my own legs from stir-craziness…Dirty Deeds got a bit of a writeup in the Riverfront Times! Journalist Danny Wicentowski (we’ll just call him DANNY CONSONANTS) writes:

“The deeds described in AC/DC’s 1976 single “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” are of a particular kind of dirty. That is, of the concrete shoes and cyanide variety.

But for Jenn Cloud the song took on a new meaning during a late-night listening session a couple weeks before Christmas. Inspired, Cloud decided to offer to do dirty deeds — clean litter boxes, deliver packages, return library books, etc. — to raise money for Tenth Life Cat Rescue.”

DANNY CONSONANTS found me making a ruckus on Twitter about this thing and had the bright idea to ask if he could tag along for a few of my deeds. It turns out it was really great to have company for a bit, someone to talk to and take my mind off of the rote logistics of the project. I think we kinda helped each other that day.

Then we lit some incense and sang some reggae songs about love together.

No really, it was fun though and I’m so excited to have this story shared by him, please go check it out here!

And amidst the flurry of video I was shooting Friday between my camcorder and my iPhone–almost 200 clips and I’m not even fully finished, yet–I did also manage to take some pictures and so did some of the rad folks I met up with! Observe:

Jenn Cloud Dirty Deeds Headcam iPhone 5s

My amazing POV video headgear for my iPhone! Thanks to Lisa for this still I grabbed from her Instagram video.

BONUS! Here’s Lisa’s short video of me demonstrating the setup of said amazing POV video headgear on Instagram:

About to clean some windows at Pounds Media on Cherokee! Thanks to Jered for this photo.

BEHOLD, THE APORKALYPSE. This is a legendary sandwich from Blues City Deli that I delivered to Benton Park Prints!

Uhm. And Benton Park Prints also had LILLY, the chillest Golden Retriever puppy ever!

And then I got to meet the famous Chryssi the bug-eyed kitten taken in by Tenth Life Cat Rescue!

Isn’t she the freaking cutest little thing?!

So that’s a glimpse of what went down on Dirty Deeds Day, you can see a few more pictures on my Instagram. Also, make sure you check back for the full video this weekend! I can’t wait to get that thing all pieced together, it was a huge experiment in one-(wo)man event videography and we’ll see just how Blair Witch Project it actually ends up. Get your 3-D glasses and a barf bag, it’s going to get cray!

Dirty Deed Day 2.0 Map & Schedule

Dirty Deeds St. Louis Route

(9:15) The Soundbox – St. Charles – Social media project (9:45)
(Drive: 15 minutes)
(10:00) Vantage Credit Union – Bridgeton – Rap while wrapping up a project (10:45)
(Drive: 25 minutes)
(11:15) Purina – Downtown – Desk cleaned (11:35)
(11:45) Downtown – pick up books to return & package to have mailed (11:00)
(Drive 10 minutes)
(12:15) Pounds Media – Cherokee – Wash windows (12:35)
(Drive: 5 minutes)
(12:45) Blues City Deli – Pick up lunches
(Drive: 15 minutes)
(1:00) Benton Park Prints – Benton Park – Lunch delivered (1:10)
(Drive: 5 minutes)
(1:15) South City – Pet Chryssi, Tenth Life’s adorable bug-eyed kitten & scoop litter (1:40)
(Drive: 5 minutes)
(1:50) CWE – Clean grout on shower  floor (2:20)
(Drive: 20 minutes)
(2:40) RedKey Realty – Frontenac – Clean up limo (3:00)
(3:30) Return books (3:45)
(Drive: 20 minutes)
(3:50) St. Charles – Mail package (4:00)
(Evening) St. Charles – On-call grocery run

COMPLETION! Diminish, go into the west and remain Galadriel!

Still waiting on a couple of things to finalize but anything that shifts at this point will basically just shift to another day, I’ve been flexing with the folks who were not able to reschedule for this particular Friday. I’m excited to do the circuit though and visit Tenth Life for the first time on Saturday while I finish gathering up all the little bits of video that are going into this! I have some fun goodies to share that I’ve already purchased and I think the things we got will be a big help.

Thanks again to all of you who have been interested in this, followed along and contributed to the event & cause, I appreciate it all so very much and hope to share with you the fun fruits of our labors very soon! Stay tuned!

A Few Loveable, Local Dirty Deeds Sponsors

Tomorrow is the big day! …again! But I’m feeling much better and really excited to do the circuit tomorrow, I’ll be sorting that out and posting it here later tonight.

But before things get too cray cray, I wanted to take a moment this morning to call out some of the great St. Louis-based businesses & groups that I will be working with or that have contributed to the cause!

  • Creature Type is Michelle, the amazing artist that donated her time to design the great kitty graphics you see on this site! I couldn’t love her work more and I have some big plans to contract her for ongoing art. I just can’t stress enough how much great art can pull your brand or idea together. If you want some custom design work or illustration done, get at this girl ASAP!
  • Benton Park Prints highlights the work of Dan who is a freelance web & print designer that works out of the Benton Park neighborhood! He offers both his original works as well as custom work so if you need a rad designer or want to buy some rad original work prints, check this dude out!
  • Pounds Media is sort of my spirit animal for video, they’re great at what they do both commercially and with weddings & events through their sister company Lovebird Studios AND they’ve been so kind as to teach me some of the ropes of being pretty gangster with pro DSLR video production! I couldn’t be more grateful for having these folks around.
  • RedKey Realty is a unique sort of real estate agency in the St. Louis area because for basically the first time ever I’ve found a group of agents that don’t freak me out! This may sound silly but it’s true, they really shook me up and pushed me out of bad stereotypes by introducing me to professional, talented and FUN agents who were scouted specifically by the agency owner, Jill, for their fit with her company’s culture and their abilities to do great work. If you are buying or selling a home, get at RedKey and you may get to ride in their private limo like the VIP you are!
  • Black Dress Partners is a consulting firm headed up by Erin, my mentor and friend of many years, now. I had the privilege of interviewing several of Erin’s clients a year or so back and they each had their own amazing stories of how she & her team have revolutionized their business & procedures through her coaching & organization techniques. She’s a powerful woman and I am also very grateful for all the growth she has cultivated in me in recent years!
  • Silver Wraith Choppers is the brainchild of Gary, a talented designer and builder who constructs his custom chopper motorcycles from the ground up. He’s one of the best people I’ve met and in his industry he HANGS with some of the best people I’ve met and he builds these beautiful works of art that make me really want to be a badass when I grow up. Are you already a badass in need of a unique bike that NO ONE else will have?
  • Connections to Success is an awesome organization that helps people who have come into really hard times get back on their feet again in a sustainable way. I was recently introduced to Marcy there and we hit it off immediately, she is such a smart lady with a powerful spirit I could really feel. This group is in the non-profit business of literally changing lives and has a presence in St. Charles, St. Louis and Kansas City, MO. Check them out RIGHT MEOW.
  • Vantage Credit Union is a group that will forever be near and dear to my heart. As some of you may know I have been a member of this credit union for over a decade now and I was EMPLOYED by them for almost 2 years, first as their Young & Free St. Louis Spokester and then as their corporate Social Media Specialist. We had a lot of fun and this financial institution has done a LOT to help me clean up and change my life and the lives of others I know when it comes to making, storing and managing our money. Are you fed up with your stupid bank treating you badly? Break up with them and try the completely-St. Louis-based alternative that is VCU!

WHEW that was a lot of love to share! Are you familiar with any of these groups or in need of the services they provide? Tell me about it in a comment and stay tuned to learn more about each of them as I complete my Dirty Deeds journey!