Questions? Comments? Ready to book-a-deed? Send me a message!

My goal is at least 13 deeds in honor of 2013 but I will happily go over that if time allows! Depending on travel needs in relationship to how huge the St. Louis area is, I will be trying to map my deeds together in the most efficient way possible to try do do as much as I can in each neighborhood/area I need to visit. All deeds must be booked by 5pm on Wednesday, December 18th so that I can finalize my schedule on Thursday, December 19th & get on with the shenanigans on the 20th! Payment can be submitted via PayPal or by check or cash, whichever method is preferred by the deed-requester and will be finalized in our booking communication.

If you wouldn’t prefer to have a deed done dirt cheap but would still like to donate to Tenth Life Cats, you may do so on their website as well!